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ABK Security Services Ltd brings over 30 years of experience in security for business through the expertise of our management team. We have harnessed this expertise into our Security Guarding Consultancy service, which is available to any sector of business.

When might you need this service? Typically, if any of the following applies to your security situation:

  • you have no security guarding in place but would like to explore whether you would benefit from it, the type of service you would need and how much it would cost
  • you have no security guarding in place but have identified a need and would like to know what type of service is most appropriate to meet those needs and how much it would cost
  • you have a security company that you are contracted with, you are happy with the service you are getting but would like an independent, impartial opinion on current operations, cost effectiveness and learn where improvements might be made
  • you have a security company that you are contracted with, you are dissatisfied with the service and would like a strategic review or audit

Our consultancy service can be provided in the strictest of confidence so that no breach in your current security provision is made. We provide an honest and impartial consultancy service - if you are getting a good service and value for money from your current provider, we will report this exactly as we find it. You are under no obligation to use any further services of ABK Security Services Ltd beyond the Consultancy Service.

We will also give you a fixed price for the consultancy you want. At an initial discussion, which can take place by phone or face to face, we will ascertain your current situation and what you'd like to achieve by taking the consultancy service. Then, based on this information and the size of your business and scope of the consultancy required, we will then give you a proposal which will outline our service, the deliverable and the cost. You are under no obligation and you will be charged no fee to take the enquiry up to the 'proposal' stage. Only once you have accepted the proposal have you formally engaged with ABK Security Services Ltd. In this way, you have nothing to lose by having that 'initial discussion' and seeing what we can do for you to improve, enhance or start the security provision for your business.

Please call us on 01562 747 207 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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